Trace Bundy’s ‘Adapt’ is the ‘perfect spring record’

Reviewed by Brooke Curtis

Trace Bundy/Adapt

Just sit back and let the music of Trace Bundy inside your subconcious, feel every pluck of his acoustic guitar. People who yearn for moments of peace and meditation will sometimes find solace in New Age music; however, that does little for those of us with a passion for guitars. Bundy is one of those chill-out musicians who mastered the Riff. The rootsy, sometimes funky instrumentals on Adapt are both soothing, especially the cinematic title cut, and thrilling, namely the wonderfully named “Dueling Ninjas.” But much of it falls under the mellow side of life, and even the hardest of rockers will find succumb to Bundy’s unplugged wizardry.

This is a CD that rewards repeated listenings. The blissfully romantic “Stone’s Serenade” generates the¬†warmth of a tight embrace. “Canon” has sublime strumming while “Acoustic Ninja” moves with a profound melancholy, opening with a funereal vibe and generating sadness as it proceeds – it’s very moving. Adapt is the perfect spring record, capturing the sun glow and peaceful nature of the season.

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