Vinny St. Marten sees what many of us are blind to on heartfelt EP

Reviewed by Brooke Curtis

Vinny St. Marten/Blindness Is a State of Mind

At a time when America just might elect its first black president this year, “Think About It (Roy’s Song)” couldn’t have been released at a better time. Racism is unfortunately a disease that still lingers in the bloodstream of America albeit, given the rising number of minorities in this country, not as openly placed as before, especially during the period that Vinny St. Marten is singing about here.

As I write this, I see TV commentators discussing the photo of Barack Obama in African garb, which just so happens to resemble Muslim wardrobe. In other words, people are connecting being a Muslim to terrorism. Will it ever end? I’ve heard many stories about racial prejudice but hardly any that knocks me on the head as much as “Think About It (Roy’s Song).” I found myself in tears, actually, because as a young girl I had a close friend who was black in an all-white school. I can only imagine what she went through, but her strength inspired me to seek greatness and, with that, I am forever in her debt. Marten’s lesson is that, when you physically cannot see a fellow human being’s skin color, you will realize that we are all the same inside.

At a time when music has become so detached and artificial comes along this blind gentleman with a big, beating heart, sharing his love for the good things in life, especially loyal friendships. The easy-listening ballad “Please Let Me Be Your Eyes” and the homesick “16 Grove Street” have the softness and warmth of a home-cooked meal.

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