The Green Mountain Rebels take on Americana with a bluesy grit

Reviewed by Brooke Curtis

The Green Mountain Rebels/If It Don’t Shine

The Green Mountain Rebels hail from Wisconsin which, to my knowledge, hasn’t actually been a wellspring for Americana. Or even rock and roll. (What’s in Wisconsin anyway?) Being outside the hip indie supermarkets of the U.S. has enabled the Green Mountain Rebels to do their thang, tossing together various past and present outlaw musical styles without a pinch of hesitation. The Rebels are certainly rebellious, faithfully rooted in classic country and roots music yet unafraid to toss their blues and punk aspirations into the mix.

The title cut and “Sunrise (East Winds Gonna Blow)” have the guilty fingerprints of listening to the Doors too much. And it actually makes for a pretty exciting development because I’ve never heard the Doors with a Southern rock edge before. The wonderfully titled “Shotglass on the Dashboard” is lusty and intoxicating while female vocalist Elizabeth Christianson on “Sweet Salvation” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll Son” adds sexiness and longing to this cowboy ranch.

Thanks to the Green Mountain Rebels, if anybody asks me about Wisconsin, I can think of something besides the Packers.

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