Matthew Chase echoes U2 shimmer and Duncan Sheik crooning on ‘Everything’

Reviewed by Brooke Curtis

Matthew Chase/Everything

Matthew Chase is a singer/songwriter in the mold of, not John Mayer nor Jack Johnson, but Duncan Sheik. That is, if Sheik aimed for the arena-ready big guitars of U2, Snow Patrol, and Coldplay. Like Sheik, Chase has a moody, pretty croon that seems to be nursing a few romantic wounds. On this six-track EP, Chase packs nearly every track with enough guitar shimmer to make the Edge proud. For a solo act, he’s certainly not striving for a small sound.

The slick mix of incandescent riffs and classic-rock bass and drums on “Within Your Eyes” suggest a collision between U2 and Collective Soul. The pulsating “Inside” features probably his best vocal performance on the record; it has a yearning, heartbreaking quality that really touches you. While “Feel You Near” and “Fall” continue in the widescreen guitar style set by “Within You Eyes,” Chase mellows out on “Believe” and “All You Gave,” recalling Coldplay’s more intimate moments. Everything is a sweet disc that sparkles with the glow of a bright new talent.

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