Jenny Gunn combines quirky poetry with left-of-center folk


Reviewed by Jessica Shearer

Jenny Gunn/One Thousand Words

Jenny Gunn can be best described as a poet with a guitar. Although her songs are melodic and catchy at times, she is not a pop musician. In fact, it may even take you a couple of spins to really appreciate her quirky songcraft. Given the lack of adventurous female singer/songwriters lately (blame it on the music industry that continues to ignore most everything that isn’t male and angst-ridden), it might be hard to compare Gunn to anybody in the indie scene at the moment. Well, that’s certainly welcome considering how much we are in need of original talent.

Gunn has her own vision, one that doesn’t compromise to, or perhaps even mesh with, commercial ideals. On “Daffodil Girl,” Gunn sings, “The powers that be say/Conform/Follow the norm,” and from the beginning Gunn is standing her ground. Robbie Anderman’s flute gives “Daffodil Girl” a soothing quality that softens the edges of Gunn’s pointed lyrics. “REM Man” is not about Michael Stipe but rather escaping through dreams; its downtempo guitars, however, could’ve fit onto R.E.M.’s moodier fare. The spoken word piece, “Bigger Faster Stronger,” has Gunn continuing to push the envelope of folk music.

It’s an acquired taste, but One Thousand Words does stay with you and is refreshingly left of center from what you normally hear on the radio.

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