‘Arrow Creek’ is cinematic, powerful

Reviewed by Jessica Shearer

What an odd coincidence to receive singer/songwriter Steve Madewell’s Arrow Creek shortly after hearing the news about Dan Fogelberg’s death. While I’m not exactly sure how much influence Fogelberg had on Madewell, they certainly share the same spirit. Madewell’s music is story-driven unplugged soft rock, but unlike many young male artists today his guitar playing actually evokes specific moods and colors the images of his lyrics. In other words, this isn’t some bland strumming; I am moved as much by Madewell’s flair with the strings as I am by his lyrics.

Madewell has written some fairly powerful tunes on here. “Is This What We Have Become” is either a personal confession of regret or the sad transition of the baby-boomer generation from idealists to capitalists. Madewell’s reflective, rain-soaked acoustic guitars add poignancy to what is already a hauntingly plaintive song. The dramatic tension in Madewell’s guitar playing is palpable, especially on “Miami Wind” and “Meet Me in Saint Louis.” On “Climb,” Madewell strikes for an atmospheric, cinematic vibe and nails it perfectly. Musically and lyrically, there is much to savor on Arrow Creek.


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