Country artist Dave Dykins mixes new and classic sounds on ‘All Hung Over U’

Reviewed by Jessica Shearer

Dave Dykins/All Hung Over U

Dave Dykins is one of the more commercial artists that you’ll find here in Twang Town; however, at the same time Dykins symbolizes what this site is most affectionate about. Swinging back and forth from classic to young country (whether he is conscious about that, we don’t know), Dykins gives us plenty to cheer about on All Hung Over U. This is an unpretentious, fun record; even when he sings about his woe, you can sense Dykins’ love for the material in every word that pours from his lips.

The witty “Temporary Insanity” jumps from the gate with a ’50s country shuffle. Dykins offers a lively, rowdy performance that will definitely get people on their feet. In live performance, this track must be a firecracker. On “Love Is Blind,” Dykins opts for more of an Americana feel, delivering a midtempo, romantic number with pleasant jangling guitars. “Between Here and Las Vegas” is Dykins’ home run. His deep, dramatic singing in front of the mix, he showcases himself as a country artist that can be held up to today’s Top-40 hitmakers.

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